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Birth of AllieKits Network

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Take a moment, clear your mind and think back to a time when you wanted to venture into something new. Now…how did you feel? Maybe excitement, perhaps scared, or a mountain of doubtfulness. Sure! Absolutely!! You are going to feel an array of emotions. You’re excited about venturing down a new path, but perhaps that excitement was stalled as you begin to share with your close friends or family and they didn’t reciprocate that same emotion. You start to doubt yourself even more. I’m sure many of us can relate to this. There is a landfill holding our dreams, inventions, ideas, creations, and we wonder why humans are so unhappy, it’s because we’re not truly fulfilled.

It was through this mindset that AllieKits Network emerged, with a vision to create a platform that will inspire and support young girls in not only identifying their creative gifts, but also cultivating a network that pushes those ideas to the forefront. Enabling them to generate new ideas, increasing the number of young female entrepreneurs who will contribute to a growing economy by providing employment opportunities for citizens within their communities. As they grow so too will the lives of others in their communities and eventually around the world.

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