Upcoming Events

Our teen wellness retreat, supports the emotional development of our members. Teens experience ways to emotionally detox by getting a handle on how to manage stress and express their emotions.

Teens participant in our junior writer's haven giving them the time and space to tap into that inner voice and get clear on their goals. Learn how to prepare nutrition meals that support the wellness of their mind and body.

Teens connect with mentors in a group "think tank" session to help them identify their creative talents that aligned them with their business venture.

Past Events

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Entrepreneurship Workshop

Are you a recent high school graduate taking a sabbatical year to discover who you are or are you interested in being your own boss. This workshop is for you! Discover your passion and lean how to monetize your product or service in this entrepreneurship workshop.  

Festival of Talents

Festival of Talents is an annual award event hosted by AllieKits Network that bring women and young girls together to honor their creative talents.

Teenpreneurship Workshop

Our aim is to create change among girlz who are underrepresented, face gender barriers, and youth unemployment. By adapting an early understanding of the process of being an entrepreneur we hope to transform the way girls are represented in society and create leaders ready to exceed the changes in our world.

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