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Core Values



Through education, we focus on equipping girls with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in entrepreneurial and creative fields through programs that emphasize creativity, risk-taking, and thinking be-yond conventional norms

Classes include creative writing, photography, fashion, canvas art/painting, teenpreneurship, jewelry design, podcasting, and content creation

Integral to this core value is the TEENPRENEUR Program leads up to the Festival of Talents "Pop-Up Boutique" & “Awards Show” providing a platform for participants to showcase their projects and celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

“EDUCATE” guides our girls as they go through the journey of learning a skill and understanding how they will actually manifest it or turn it into a profitable venture.




This is centered on providing young girls with innovative, real-world experiences that enrich their understanding and problem-solving skills

These include engaging in youth-led initiative Only Us Girls, CYD mentorship program, and community events

Participants are encouraged to apply creative thinking and entrepreneurship in diverse settings to foster critical thinking, adaptability, and a broader perspective of the world

Through experiences that challenge and expand their horizons, AllieKits Network aims to empower young girls to confidently navigate and influence the world around them

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Exposure to other female leaders in their community to inspire them and help build an ecosystem through leadership events and talks

A supportive environment for personal and professional growth for the girls

These events, talks, and partnerships are aimed to create a thriving resource base and networking opportunities

This initiative represents a tangible impact strategy, targeting the creation of a nurturing community where young girls can see the possibilities for their own futures reflected in the achievements of accomplished women, thereby catalyzing a cycle of inspiration, aspiration, and actionable pathways toward success in entrepreneurship and beyond.




AllieKits is focused on building an equitable ecosystem and practical tools and resources for our girls to be able to start their ventures early

Providing access to capital for businesses, this value includes facilitation of connections with banks, the Small Business Administration (SBA), individual donors, and other financial resources

Through such an ecosystem, every girl has the chance to succeed and lead change in her community and beyond.

Our goal is especially to promote equitable access for underrepresented girls to help them overcome gender barriers and societal obstacles

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