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Champions lead from the front

Ask any successful athlete, artist, or entrepreneur what are the ingredients to become a champion and most probably would say passion and hard work. Yes, these are notably two of the most valuable ingredients that separate winners from losers. But, how do you even begin to find passion to put in the hard work? Begin by taking inventory of the things you like. Do you like to read? Do you enjoy writing? Are there times when you find yourself engulfed in ideas? Become aware of your "like" inventory and use this as a foundation. Next, and this might be the hardest step, take action. Don't focus on the steps of how you should write, paint, or design just do it. Get rid of that idea that everything has to be perfect before you start to take action. Quiet that negative talk and get busy. The more you take action the less risk-averse you will become. What comes next is undoubtedly the greatest feeling in the world and that's the ability to trust in yourself. This is where confidence soar. You have created a foundation, honed your skills, and you're ready to show the world what you have. Be patient through this final stretch because time is the hidden ingredient that position champions ahead of the rest.

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