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National Mentoring Month: What Mentorship Means To Our Youth's Emotional Wellness

January is known for being the start of the new year, and a chance for a brand new start with a clean slate. But did you know that January is also National Mentoring Month? That’s right! National Mentoring Month is meant to spread awareness about the importance of quality mentorships to youth and how it can positively impact them.

When young people feel understood and supported, they can do incredible things. That is why mentors are so essential to their success and emotional wellness. Keep reading to find out more about how mentors impact the emotional wellness journey of their mentee!

Respected Mentor Figures Shape Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is an important aspect of life that develops as we grow. The ability to understand yourself and your emotions, especially in the context of difficult moments or challenges, can make a huge difference. Youth who are connected with a trusted mentor have a much higher emotional wellness than those who do not.

This is because a mentor relationship gives young people a space to explore their passions and new ideas without fear of judgment. The feeling of being supported and having guidance goes a long way in shaping confidence, ambition, and life path.

Unfortunately, not every child is surrounded by support and acceptance. That is why mentor programs and opportunities can truly change the course of a life! And even children who have a loving and encouraging home environment can benefit from the guidance of a mentor who believes in them.

If you want to help positively impact a life, consider becoming a mentor! It may not seem like much, but continued support and interactions can make a huge difference to a child. Most of the time, the child is not the only one who benefits.

The Benefits Are Clear For Both Mentor and Mentee!

Many mentors will admit that their relationships with their mentees has also positively impacted their own life. The connection between a youth and their mentor is special, and both sides will notice benefits.

For mentors, benefits can include:

  • A new perspective on life

  • Improved communication and leadership skills

  • The satisfaction of helping shape a young life

And for mentees, the numerous positive benefits are clear:

  • Encouragement and support in all aspects

  • The ability to build their emotional wellness

  • A clearer outlook of what they want from life.

These are only a few of the many reasons that mentors and mentees positively impact each other’s life. You can enjoy a truly meaningful connection and learn about yourself along the way!

For the Youth, Mentorship is Essential

Having a mentor is more than just a helpful way to network and foster ambition. It is essential to grow into a confident, secure, and emotionally intelligent adult. For National Mentoring Month, consider becoming a mentor and making a difference in a young life!

You can also support your local mentorship programs in order to help more life-long connections be made. Become a mentor with AllieKits Network and change two lives - the youth’s and your own!


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