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Exploring Arts Education

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Art Education, oh no. If this has anything to do with education then most of you have probably stop reading. For the rest of you that remain, art education has everything to do with all of the exciting movies you watch, the melodic melodies you hear while listening to your favorite music, all of the esthetically eye popping images along with the mesmerizing stylish pieces you scroll through on the gram. The foundation for all this beauty began with the daunting process through which we call Art Education. Art Education is defined by the process of learning, teaching, and producing visual and performing arts. Now that we have the traditional meaning out of the way let's dive into what Art Education means to you. As a generation immersed in the power of creativity the educational process is a key element that will drive your creativity. Find the right format that creates the desired learning instructions fit to your creative abilities. Be open to mix traditional learning practices like college courses with unconventional methods such as your local art workshops. Connect with organizations like Arts Council for Long Beach that provide resources and artist registry for local Long Beach artist to showcase their work. Begin exploring a style in your chosen media and work at it endlessly. This is the part that is not glamours or popular, but developing your unique style gives you the experience and expertise. The endless days and nights, weeks and months, even years to master your creative style has everything to do with your foundation in Art Education.

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