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Quality over Quantity: Advising Girl Creatives on Why Less Beats More

It is undeniable that the internet and social media have become a hotbed for new artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs. But with this newfound accessibility to millions of eyes comes an increased pressure to produce content regularly. It can be challenging to keep up with this expectation when your creative work doesn’t always have immediate results. With so much competition out there, it can feel like you’re not making any progress at all!

Despite the pressure, the truth of the matter doesn’t come from quantity but from quality - that’s the key to building your tribe and a loyal fan base that truly loves your work. Algorithms created by top search engines aren’t just looking for a large amount of content; they are looking for specific keywords, ideas, and subjects that they can match viewers to. So, It’s crucial that you build content, whether video, audio, or articles, that will connect you with the mindsets that need to see it!

Here’s how to concentrate on quality over quantity while creating your next piece of creativity.

1. Be genuine and transparent within every piece of work.

Being genuine and more transparent within your work immediately boosts value and quality for your viewers. Whether you’re a writer, painter, vlogger, or podcaster, letting your viewers into the VIP of your heart will have them longing for your next piece. Therefore, you don’t have to experience the pressures of creating more; instead, you get to enjoy creating masterpieces! You can share your own experience as an entrepreneur, creative, and/or young woman in the arts. Share your thoughts on how you’ve overcome these challenges through perseverance, what makes the work worth it, even just one little thing that has helped you get by!

2. Long-form content is the new luxury suite.

When we choose quantity over quality for our work, our work becomes shorter due to burnout. While the industry keeps selling the “produce more” mentality, we enter extreme burnout and create shorter posts, 5-minute audios, less detailed artistry canvases, or less thought-out podcast episodes. Surprisingly, this strategy works against the algorithms we are trying to master. Did you know longer content creates higher SEO and gains traffic? Create longer posts and audios for the best results. To save time, transcribe your audio into words and add it to your podcast description, as this tactic will also tremendously boost your traffic! The most important value to remember is that by creating long-form content, you can maintain your quality as you dive deep into topics that are more authentic and transparent, which is more important to your readers than mass production.

3. One-of-a-kind pieces are worth more than mass production.

Quality work will stand out and will produce the same if not better results than constant content bombing. When buyers enter an auction that sells unique artistic pieces, they’re ready to spend more significant sums of money because they understand masterpieces are not created in mass production – masterpieces take time, focus, and a whole heart that lives within the artist. When you concentrate on quantity, your work loses its luster, authenticity, and overall quality. Within a short amount of time, that loss is quite apparent in your overall work, which will decrease viewers and fanbase numbers.

It’s about quality, not quantity. If you want to build a loyal fan base that loves your work and follows what you do for as long as possible, then you must create content around the interests of those who need to see it. The truth is in how well your message resonates within people like yourself! So be sure to use these tips when crafting posts on social media or other platforms so that they will resonate with others looking for similar information. What are some things you’ve done this week to connect with the mindsets? Let us know below and share your thoughts in the comments section of any blog post from our site!


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